Dr. Russ Butler DDS, Battleford, SK

“Honestly, the microscope is the best investment that I’ve ever made. My back feels amazing. My work is improved. My patients are impressed. And I get referrals from other dentists.
I am so happy with my microscope. I tried 3 other makes of microscopes and the CJ-Optik was, in my opinion, the best. It is easy to position thanks to the monoball coupling, the iris diaphragm is very useful for upper anteriors and the plan-apochromatic lenses with the full frame photo tube allow for exceptional photography/video. I used 4.5x loupes and now the scope for everything (including exams) and my neck and back have never been happier. Hugo’s and SYNCA’s support have been unparalleled and I can’t wait to put two more microscopes in my clinic.”

Dr. Dat Tran, Calgary, AB

“There are many microscopes on the market. My criteria are: ease of operation with one hand, excellent documentation photos and videos, excellent optics, affordable price, durability and clean design.

I have found in CJ-Optik a microscope I would use and trust to deliver all dental procedures. The learning curve is steep but with good support from the company and lots of dedication, it is possible to use a microscope for every discipline of dentistry.”

Dr. Michael Wenzel, DDS, Medicine Hat, AB

“I think the CJ-Optik FLEXION is an incredible microscope. All of the essential components and accessories are included, and you’re set up right away to take amazing still images and video (be prepared for a learning curve, however; microscope photography is a new world!). There is also a learning curve with performing treatment through a microscope, so having all the right components for success is very important. This includes a variable focus lens, which allows you to focus the scope with a knob instead of having to move the scope up and down. This component comes standard with the FLEXION and shortens the learning curve drastically.

The movement of the FLEXION is excellent; it is very nimble and as such makes a great scope for the general dentist who wants to do restorative and surgical work in addition to endodontics. My absolute favourite feature is the light diaphragm, which is not present in most (if not all) other scopes on the market. It allows you to dial down the diameter of the “circle of light” that the scope emits on the patient without altering the intensity of the light. I rarely ever need the full diameter of light the scope provides, so I almost always have it dialed down as to prevent light from shining in my patients’ eyes.

Microscope LEDs are super bright, and patients will comment if it gets in their eyes. I have two different scopes now; whenever I am doing anything in the upper anterior, I will only use the FLEXION for this reason alone. If I use my other scope, the light is in their eyes for the entire appointment, even with protective sunglasses. Overall, it is a fantastic scope and if I could do it all over again, I would buy it again. Highly recommend.”

Dr. Gerardo Chacon, Venezuela