Flexion twin  Blue & White


Greater Flexibility. For Successful Treatments.

The two new Flexion twin dental microscopes with their state-of-the-art selective filter system meet the highest requirements of modern dentistry thanks to their extensive equipment features.

Flexion twin – Made to win


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The Power of Two

Two LED lights ensure an outstanding microscopy experience.



The Selective Filter System

For different ways of working

True to the motto “You can only treat what you can see” the Selective Filter System of the Flexion twin microscopes makes dentistry more efficient and precise. All filters including the Polarizing Filter are integrated in both Twin versions.

The Joystick

Selecting the filters is child’s play with the joystick. By turning the joystick the light intensity is adjusted between 0 and 99. By pushing the joystick all filter settings can be saved separately. In addition a quick setting mode in steps of 10 can also be used.


Polarizing Filter (AntiGlare Mode)
The AntiGlare system makes it easy to eliminate all unwanted reflections on the tooth caused by the light and allows you to see the tooth structure. The polarization filter is activated using a wheel on the left side of the housing.

Blue & White

It’s Twins. But not identical.

The name “Twin” indicates that both models are equipped with two LED light sources. While the Twin Blue uses its fluorescent light to represent the normally invisible boundaries and transitions between tooth material and fillings, the Twin White has the full power of two LEDs that penetrate even into the deepest root canals.

Twin Blue

Visibility through Fluorescence

In addition to the white LED, the Flexion twin Blue is equipped with a second LED (dark blue), which improves the identification of restoration materials, tartar and caries. The UV light causes porphyrins inside the caries bacteria to fluorescence orange/red. The fluorescence mode is set using an ergo-nomically placed wheel with the right hand.

Twin White

Light Boost with up to 200.000 Lux

The white version of the Flexion twin takes account of the wish of many dentists for a particularly well-lit treatment area by providing a second, white LED for additional luminosity. With the Twin White, the enormous power of up to 200.00 Lux of the two LED lights is visible. Both LEDs can be switched independently of one another to identify structures in the root canal. The boost brightness is regulated by using the joystick.

Optics – For superior results

Advanced Optical Design

CJ-Optik Flexion microscopes are highly acclaimed for their superior image quality. It is only through CJ-Optik working closely with the optics designer that the optimal specifications can be developed. With the use of apochromatic optics in the Flexion twin microscopes dentists can detect the finest colour and structure details.

Perfect Illumination

The fanless LED spot lighting provides a well-lit treatment area with high colour rendering index and 5.400 K. Future-proof with 65,000 hours lifespan. The spot diaphragm always shows the assistant the exact treatment site and prevents light from falling into the patient‘s eyes.


Choose from either the VarioFocuswith 200 – 350 mm range or the VarioFocuswith 210 – 470 mm working distance and plan-apochromatic correct built-in optics. The superior light transmission provides optimal viewing and documentation results. Removable protection cover lens with Hydrophobic Coating (HPC). Index Matching Coating for highest transmission and low reflection rates.

Details make the Difference

Just to name some of the many remarkable features that makes working with the Flexion twin microscopes so comfortable:

  • Individual eyecup adjustment
  • Large eye relief with bigger exit pupil
  • IPD adjuster optionally available

Ergonomics – For stress-free treatments


Anyone who has ever worked with one of our microscopes knows why we called them Flexion. We consider the Flexion as a flexible extension of the dentist’s eyes. The dentist‘s upright treatment position ensures a relaxed posture and thus prevents neck and back problems in the long term.


The uniquely designed MonoGlobe is the weightless movement balancing system. The coupling system allows fluid and smooth repositioning at all angles without having to adjust the tension.

Quality at the Touch of a Button

Ergonomically placed controls ensure that all functions are immediately at your fingertips for all inter-procedure changes.


Cable Management

HDMI, USB, camera AC/DC power and 24V monitor power supply are integrated within the arm for a cleaner cable management. USB, HDMI, Medical monitor power integrated for a better workflow. No fragile fibre-optic cables that break or tangle.


Whether you prefer to document the treatment in 4K, in HD or with a smartphone: Focal lengths and optics have been uniquely designed for an ideal match to today’s latest digital cameras.


For Sony, Nikon & Canon FullFrame cameras


For Sony, Nikon & Canon APS-C cameras


Adapter compatible with all smartphones (up to 6,5”)
MicVision App



Starts a photo or a video recording with a hand gesture.
For Sony cameras (FullFrame & APS-C)



Full Connectivity

Swivel Arm Advanced with HDMI, 24V, USB.
Direct power supply for the camera from the microscope






CJ-Optik recommends

MicroVis – Our documentation software saves time for the important things

With the MicroVis software specially developed for the Flexion microscopes, the image and video files of the treatment are conveniently and securely stored in your patient‘s file (PACS). Thanks to its user-friendliness, MicroVis relieves your team and you save important time. MicroVis is optionally available and compatible with all common practice management systems.

• Ideal for communicating with patients & assistants effectively
• Standardizing video and image documentation workflow
• Patient management
• Editing of photos and videos
• Supports DICOM modalities

Mounting Options

Flexible and customized

Flexion – The name says it all, even with the different mounting options. In addition to the dimensions shown here, CJ-Optik also offers tailor-made heights and lengths of all tripod parts in order to adapt the assembly to the premises in the best possible way. In addition, the parts can be interchanged (e.g. when changing from floor to ceiling mounting).

Mobile Stand

Ideal for use in multiple rooms.

Floor Mount

The space-saving alternative to the mobile stand.

Ceiling Mount

Maintains ground clearance. Pillar height can be adjusted to any ceiling height.

Wall Mount

The alternative to ceiling mounting.

We recommend a working position in which the suspension arm is at a right angle and the microscope head is at a distance of one meter from the vertical column (as shown above).

Technical Data
Flexion twin Blue & White
Magnification System
5-step apochromatic magnification changer / 0.4 - 2.5
Eyepieces Widefield eyepieces WF 12.5 x
Widefield eyepieces WF 12.5 x / Reticle *
Tube System F = 170 mm apochromatic / 180° tiltable tube
Stereo Base 24 mm for enhanced 3D vision
Focus System VarioFocus2 200 - 350 mm / Plan-APO / glass protection *
VarioFocus3 210 - 470 mm / Plan-APO / glass protection *
VarioFocus with hydrophobic glass protection *
Illumination System Twin Blue: Up to 100.000 Lux (white rear LED)
Fluorescence (dark blue front LED)
Twin White: Up to 200.000 Lux (white front and rear LEDs)
Fanless high power LED 5.400 K / 65.000 h life time
2° with stepless spot diaphragm system (for front and rear LED)
Selective Filter System Natural Light Filter
Orange Filter
Green Filter
White Light (no filter)
(Settings via joystick)

Polarization Filter (combinable with white rear LED only)
LED control display
Movement MonoGlobe, 355° Axis control
Handles Ergonomic handles, 360° adjustable
Asepsis 1 x Asepsis set for the handles and knobs (sterilizable)
Documentation Integrated beam splitter 50:50
4K-Imaging-Port / FullFrame *
HD-Imaging-Port / APS-C *
Phone-Imaging-Port / Smartphones *
SensorUnit controls for photo / video
MicVision App (iOS) *
MicroVis Software *
Power Power adapter for all Sony Alpha cameras, smartphones
Stands Mobile stand *, Wall mount *, Ceiling mount *, Floor mount *, Dental units *
* optional